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 Well, here it is, my theme entry .I chose this song not only because im obssesed with Green Day but because I really do relate to this song. So here it is..

Tales Of Another Broken Home - Green Day

To Live and not to Breathe

Is to die in tragedy

To run, to run away

To find what to believe

 And I leave behind this hurricane of fucking lies

I lost my faith to this

This town that don't exist

So I run, I run away

To the light of Masochists

And I leave behind this hurricane of fucking lies

And I walked this line a million and one fucking times

But not this time

I don't feel any shame I won't apoligise

When there ain't nowhere you can go

Running away from pain when you've been victimised

Tales Of Another Broken Home

This song is part V ( 5 ) in Jesus Of Suburbia, Number two on American Idiot. It was written by Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day.

I think I relate to this song because its about running away from lies and bullshit and I had this friend, a best friend infact (I will not name names) last year and she kept lying to me. At first it was just innocent stuff like she'd been sky-diving and parachuting, which I didn't believe anyway but then it got much worse. One Monday she wasn't in school. The next day she came in and was crying and said she'd been raped on Saturday and then she had a mis-carriage on Monday. Me, being a first year and her best friend believed her. The following week she stayed over at another girls house and she asked her if she'd really had a miscarriage and my so-called best friend said " No, it was just a joke". That girl then told me and every since then I've never spoken to that girl again. I mean, what twisted weirdo lies about being raped and having a miscarriage?

So this song relates to me because I found it hard to believe her at first. " To find what to believe". and I've lost my faith in her so much that to me she dosen't exist " I've lost my faith to this, this town that don't exist". So for me its not Tales of a Broken Home but Tales Of A Broken Friendship.....

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